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Welcome to the website of Klip Europe. We are distributor of Klip strings for the European market and carry the full line of high performance synthetic guts, as well as the now famous natural gut and gut-hybrid strings for tennis, squash and badminton.

Klip remains the choice string for professional tennis players on the court with explosive power and true, GUT INSTINCTS.

Please note that the prices in the frontpages of our website are recommended sales prices, including 21% VAT. Your actual prices will be shown when you log in with your approved account.

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Playtest: Klip Venom 17Playtest: Klip Venom 17 Date posted - 01/03/2014

Playtest: Klip Venom 17

Playtest: Klip Venom 17 By: Greg Raven Klip Venom is a high-end multifilament made of DuPont High Modulus PA66 nylon, which is impregnated with polyurethane resin and then twi...

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Playtest: Klip Screamer 1Playtest: Klip Screamer 1 Date posted - 01/03/2014

Playtest: Klip Screamer 1

Playtest: Klip Screamer 17 By: Greg Raven Klip Screamer is one of Klip’s “Pro Doubles” (hybrid) strings, this one combining natural gut with Klip Scorcher (s...

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