Cleansing Grip Spray

Cleansing Grip Spray
Brand: RacquetArt
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Every time you play with your racquet and sweat, you invite fungus and bacteria to grow on your sweaty, wet grip or overgrip.   Racquet Art Cleansing Grip Spray is designed to kill the germs and fungus that cause the odor on your racquet sport grips. 
Just spray the grip or overgrip after each use before you put your racquet in your bag and let it dry.  Use each time you play. The safe and effective solution of natural ingredients is bleach and alcohol free and will cleanse your grip while it dries. 

Works extremely well for your shoes too!

  • Germ and fungus fighting
  • Water based formula
  • Will not harm grip or overgrip
  • For all racquet sports

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